Zelda Feature


Nintendo Japan has announced a massive Zelda Breath of the Wild soundtrack via their Twitter page. This is to commemorate Breath of the Wild’s one year anniversary. Nippon Columbia is in charge of the release. As such, this looks to be Japan only, as many Japanese video game soundtracks tend to be.

There will be two editions available. The standard edition comes with the 5 discs in a digipak. The limited edition though comes with some interesting goodies, including more premium packaging and a Zelda “playbutton”. Info on the playbutton is as follows:

“Fifteen songs of the field BGM of the series successive titles are included in the playbutton, which is a limited edition bonus. Since it is similar to a badge, you can attach it to anything easily, and enjoy Zelda’s music on your commute, at school, or anywhere you wish.”

The soundtrack will release on April 25th, 2018.

Source: Twitter, nintendo.co.jp