Released worldwide only eight days ago, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has quickly risen to the top of the charts in the eShops for all three territories.  It is currently #1 on both the American and Japanese eShops and is #2 on the European eShop.  This is certainly fantastic news for Monolith Soft and the future of the franchise.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 takes place in the world of Alrest.  Alrest is a landless place where people and animals live on the backs of giants creatures known as Titans.  There are people with special abilities to control living weapons called Blades.  These people are known as Drivers.  The story follows Rex as he helps a special Blade named Pyra to reach a legendary continent called Elesium atop the World Tree.  They need to find this legendary land quickly because the Titans are slowly dying off.  Once the Titans are gone, mankind will have nowhere else to turn and will certainly perish.

If you are interested in hearing more about this game, please check my first impressions of it here.  Also, you can find information on how to purchase it at this link.