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Top 15 Switch EU eShop Games Of January 2018

Nintendo of Europe has recently posted a list of the top 15 Switch EU eShop games of January 2018.  It includes a few surprises, so let’s get into this.

 Oxenfree thumbnail

  1. Oxenfree – £3.99 (75% discount Ends on February 6th)


Minecraft Thumbnail

  1. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – £19.99Brian’s Unexpected Love For Minecraft


Vs Super Mario Bros Thumbnail

  1. Arcade Archives Vs. SUPER MARIO BROS – £6.29


Stardew Valley Thumbnail

  1. Stardew Valley – £10.99Switchwatch Review


Rocket League Thumbnail

  1. Rocket League – £15.04Switchwatch Review


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Thumbnail

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – £49.99Switchwatch Video Review


NBA Playgrounds Thumbnail

  1. NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition – £17.99


The Escapists 2 Thumbnail

  1. The Escapists 2 – £19.99Switchwatch Review


Enter the Gungeon Thumbnail

  1. Enter the Gungeon – £10.99 Switchwatch Review


Mario Odyssey Thumbnail

  1. Super Mario Odyssey – £49.99Switchwatch Review


Celeste Thumbnail

  1. Celeste – £17.99Switchwatch Review


1-2 Switch Thumbnail

  1. 1-2 Switch – £39.99


Super Meat Boy Thumbnail

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  1. Super Meat Boy – £11.99Switchwatch Review


Sonic Mania Thumbnail

  1. Sonic Mania – £15.99Switchwatch Video Review


Overcooked Thumbnail

  1. Overcooked Special Edition – £17.99


Most of the games on this list are rather unexpected such as Minecraft, Rocket Leage and Mario Odyssey, but I was fairly surprised by a few of the games.

Oxenfree at number one came to me as a pretty big surprise.  It is a somewhat small indie title which beat out the likes of Minecraft, Mario and Stardew Valley most likely thanks to its massive 75% discount.

Another games which surprised me personally was 1-2 Switch.  Considering the game’s mostly negative reception at the launch of the console, I never expected to see the game appearing in the top sales list for any particular months going into the following year.


It is great seeing so many small indie games making it onto the list.  Games such as Celeste and Enter the Gungeon are absolutely phenomenal and completely deserve the positive reception and sales they have enjoyed.  Hopefully this trend will continue throughout 2018 because it is wonderful that so many of the little indie games are finding success on the Switch.


Do you have any of the games on this list?  If you don’t and missed our reviews, I included links to the reviews we have done.  Check them out and let us know if you are thinking about picking any of the games up!


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