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10 New Switch Titles Releasing This Week

Juan and the guys at SwitchWatchTV have a tough week to follow up from the last one. Last week’s 10 New Switch Titles featured the likes of Xenoblade, Bug Fables, Atomicrops, Borderlands, Bioshock, and XCOM. Will this week’s 10 New Switch Titles see similar results? Well, let’s be honest. That’s a no, but that does not mean we will be lacking in new releases! Check out the video below, or you can keep reading here on

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

June 1st

11.99 Euros

Hey, everyone. Jordan here with my pick of the new Switch games this week. I’m going to go for something a bit weird and funky: Do Not Feed The Monkeys. Not because I can attest to it’s quality, but how can a title like that not grab your attention? It’s a surveillance game where you observe the private lives of people and take notes. There are apparently multiple endings and lots of variations to be had depending on how you interact, or perhaps don’t interact with the people your watching – It’s certainly going to be a unique experience and I’d be happy to give this a try when it releases.


June 2nd

15.99 Euros

Liberated is a comic book noir cyberpunk story where you get to hack thr system solve puzzles and sneak around. Headshots are also a part of the game when you need to dispense justice, to me I love this art style and with a blend of promised action Liberated could be a hit. Let’s wait and see.

Awesome Pea 2

June 3rd

$3.99 Euros

Is the nice little cheap game of the week and is part 2 of the first little pea which was a nice little platformer game. There are 25 levels, pixelated visuals where everything is green of course and a retro soundtrack.

Depth of Extinction

June 4th

12.14 Euros

Depth of extinction has a story we have heard many times before. A future in which Killer machines are plotting mankinds demise. You play here as the defender of humanitys last government. You will have to build a squad capable of destroying the machines to save the world in this turn based tactical RPG with roguelike elements. There are 10 character classes with over 115 different weapons armour and items and 30+ enemies to take down. Those of you that like your turn based strategy games, this may be one to look out for.

The Takeover

June 4th

17.99 euros

Hot on the heels of Streets of Rage 4 we have a side Scrolling Beat em up inspired by the classics of the 90s. Battle solo or with a friend while listening to some great music. It looks decent enough and we are always interested in side scrolling Beat Em Ups, we will know more when our review drops.

The Outer Worlds

June 5th

59.99 euros

A game created by Obsidian was always going to get our attention. When it dropped on other consoles last year it was a disappointment that the Switch version was not due at the same time but we would prefer the port was right rather than rushed and we are looking forward to this action role playing game in the |First person perspective. There is combat with numerous firearms you can equip and one the things to look forward too are the more complex character conversations and interactions in which you can make dialogue decisions to take the story in differing directions. There is plenty here to enjoy and we just hope the port is a good one and worth the wait.

Aqua Lungers

June 4th

13.99 Euros

 was released already in the USA but the UK and EU have not yet had the pleasure. Aqua Lungers is a game about beating other players in a race contending with deadly creatures and opponents whos sole goal is to collect the treasure. Everyone has the same goal but each character cn use differing advantages such as speed or maybe you are the type of person who likes to slow others down first using your attacks. What ever tactic you do use this is a blast with friends and can even be played solo if you need to get that practice in.

See Also

51 Worldwide Games

June 5th

39.99 Euros

On Paper this is probably not the most exciting but I can tell you one thing, how often when the family come round on a special occasion dp you have to pull out all the decent games to play. What if you had 51 of them close at hand all in one. Ok probably now when a lot of people are still on lockdown it’s hard to get together with friends but families stuck at home this is perfect and when going travelling again in future a game of connect 4, Texas Holdem, chess or a dice game is always fun to play and with 51 to choose from I am sure there is something here families will enjoy. You can whip out the joycons or even play online. I will be picking up a physical of this no doubt. It’s the Swiss Knife of games and has a tool no doubt for most situations

Super Holobunnies: Pause Café

June 6th

4.99 Euros

 is a nice cheap game in which you can play boss rush mode or a campaign where their friend kitkat is on a mission to share dire news with the bunnies in Kit kats level based runnder campaign. For the price this could be a nice little pick up to play in between bigger titles.

Potata Fairy Flower

June 6th

11.99 Euros

Potata Fairy Flower seems like a decent little puzzle platformer with cute looking visuals which look appealing. A traditional platformer with puzzles and bosses and exploration. Sounds like a nice little game to get  acquainted with on a nice Sunday afternoon.

Last week was a big one for 10 New Switch Titles, which we still have not recovered from as the dent in our bank accounts gets bigger. This week could not be as big as the last, but it still has some nice smaller games to enjoy. What are your picks for this week’s new Switch titles? Leave us a comment down below. Tomorrow James will tell you about all the great bargains, and on Monday Jordan is back with all the great physical releases. Take care, stay safe, and I will see you on the next one.

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