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Super Mario Odyssey Update Luigi’s Balloon World brings new costumes and filters along

If you think of Mario, it’s hard not to think about how his little brother Luigi always played a much smaller role than him. But Nintendo did not forget about his sibling and added a fun, new mode to the latest title of the Mario series: Luigi’s Balloon World.

If you have finished the main story of Super Mario Odyssey, you can now enter the online competitive mode. The main goal in this is to find all balloons that players can hide within a set amount of time. After the placement, other players are given the same timeframe of 30 seconds to spot the location.


But just including this fun little addition to the game was not enough for them. Did you enjoy changing the wardrobe of our little hero? If your answer is yes, you will be pleased to have three new options to customize Mario as you like or maybe suit up for the occasion. Nintendo of Australia provided images of the newest costumes on their website. Fancy a new suit? Mario can be handed a brand new one in a brownish color. Or would you rather imagine the charming Italian in a heavy, shiny Knight Armor? No problem, you got this covered in the newest update as well. Coming now to the probably most exciting one for feelings of nostalgia: the Super Mario Sunshine outfit! It comes with blue sun glasses and the unique pattern from the platformer on Nintendo Gamecube. Like the hunt for colorful balloons, the new costumes will only be available after you have already finished the game.

Super Mario Odyssey Costumes
What will Mario wear today?!

If you found yourself practicing your photography skills, you have been provided with two new filters dubbed neon and coin. They might add a fun effect to some of your snapshots.



What do you think about the newest update for Super Mario Odyssey? Have you tried Luigi’s Balloon World yet and purchased the new costumes? As always, make sure to share your impressions in the comments and if you haven’t already, make sure to check out James’ review on Super Mario Odyssey.


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