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Physical Switch Releases – December Week 4

We are moving in to the last days of 2019! And you know what? Those boys from SwitchWatchTV just continue to bring that holiday spirit and cheer. This time, it is Jordan updating us on the physical switch releases coming out this week. Due to the holidays, it is not a grand amount of games, but it is games nonetheless! Check out the video below, or continue downward for the transcript.

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. December 23rd until the 27th. Week 4 of December! Now I don’t want you guys to faint in shock – prepare yourselves – There ain’t a lot going on. But don’t worry. There’s still some entertainment to be had.

As always, we’re taking a look at all the physical retail releases, all the low print games up for order, some juicy imports, plus our Spotlight section where we choose one game at random from our collection to show off to you guys. Well, that’s usually the plan.

Western Retail



I dunno. Let’s move on to the low print games!

Low Print Games

physical switch releases
Lode Runner Legacy

While they’re not going up for order this week, Limited Run Games has announced their next two Switch titles. One is just in distribution, and that is Away: Journey to the Unexpected. It’s a quirky title that we reviewed on our website when it released digitally pretty much a year ago I believe. It’s a colorful first person adventure game and will be available to order for 30 days from the 31st of December. Personally, if it was a standard retail release, I’d probably get it due to the colorful box art alone.

Their second game that’s officially in their line-up is Bad North, a critically acclaimed indie title that even Nintendo themselves highlighted during Directs. It’s a tough as nails real-time strategy game with rogue-lite elements, because let’s face it. Everything has to be rogue-lite these days. But anyways, this one will be up for order from January 3rd. This one is also getting a collector’s edition which includes a coin, pin badge, art print, and a USB stick in the shape of a sword. Where’s the soundtrack CD at, guys?

Anyways, I’ll be sure to mention these again next week when they actually go up for pre-order.

Lode Runner Legacy is up for pre-order at Strictly Limited Games. Featuring 150 levels from the original game plus 150 brand new levels and couch co-op with a friend, it’s a classic game reinvented. It even features robust user creation tools to build your own levels and characters. There’s a standard edition which is limited to 2500 copies, and there’s a collector’s edition that includes a soundtrack CD, hardcover book, sticker set, retro poster, and a proper collector’s box. This is limited to 1500 copies.


Gigantic Army

This week’s imports aren’t quite as wholesome as last week’s, but let’s have a look anyways.

The most interesting has to be Gigantic Army. What a weird release. Apparently it’s a European release BUT the box is mostly Japanese and there’s only 1500 copies being made. Exclusive to PlayAsia, it’s a bit of a strange one. Feels like it’s a release that’s been passed around by various companies that no one really wants. It’s an homage to 16-bit mech shooters and side-scrolling action. It looks kind of cool, although perhaps not something you’d expect to see on a physical cartridge. I’m personally interested, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get my hands on it before it sells out. Anyways, this is being posted out on the 24th of December. Yep Christmas Eve, yet another strange one.

Import Link: PLAY ASIA

Okay, one I feel like I probably have no need to talk about, but am obliged to, is the Atelier Dusk series. These three games are arriving on one cartridge with English for Asian regions some time in January. It’s a must-have import. What I’m talking about for this week are the Japanese releases. Far less attractive since they do not have English. But I’m going to talk about them anyways.

So unlike the Asian release, these three games in the Dusk Trilogy are sold as separate releases. Atelier Ayesha DX, Atelier Escha, and Logy DX and Atelier Shallie. Or you can buy them together in a Limited Collector’s Edition with some little extra stuff. Personally, I don’t advise importing these as they don’t have English. Instead, you can pre-order the Asian release that has all three games on 1 cartridge with English. I’ll pop that link down below too.

Import Link: PLAY ASIA (Asian with English)

Brain Training for Switch!

And finally we have Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Switch is getting an earlier release in Japan on the 27th of December. Westerners will have to wait until January 3rd before Nintendo unleashes this one. It seems like a while since we got a new entry in the series that was a massive success on the DS. Hopefully this one can reignite some of that magic to get some more casual players on the Switch.

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Also, just a quick mention to Ghost Blade HD which I talked about last week, well, the release date has been updated to January time now. Not long to wait, but a small delay nonetheless.

Import Links for Brain Training
Limited Edition: PLAY ASIA

Standard Edition: PLAY ASIA


Alright, let’s get to that spotlight section where I choose a game big or small to show off to you guys.

Considering Christmas is all about giving, this week’s spotlight game is one that was actually sent to me by a very, very kind viewer of the channel about a year ago now. He knew I loved pinball video games, and he was awesome enough to send me the delights of Stern Pinball Arcade.

physical switch releases

This is a great physical release for fans of the genre, because there’s not many around. As far as I know, there’s Star Wars Pinball and this. I played this regularly when I first got it, and it was great for when my baby was born and there have been a fair few sleepless nights. Nothing like a bit of pinball to accompany that.

I haven’t played it recently, not because I don’t want to, but mostly down to a lack of time. I highly recommend pinball fans to pick this one up immediately. The only downside is that the Starship Troopers pinball machine just sucks for me, which is a shame considering it’s one of my favorite movies ever. But yeah, overall, the table quality is excellent and you’ll be surprised at which ones you end up enjoying. Thanks for sending this my man! I know you wished to remain anonymous, but Merry Christmas to you, and Merry Christmas to everyone watching.

There Are Your Physical Releases!

Thank you so much for visiting to check out Jordan’s video and transcript. We hope this was helpful and informative. As we continue to move into the holidays, I just hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends. Please try to enjoy yourself but also be responsible. Thanks again for stopping by, and Happy Gaming, everyone.

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