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Physical Releases for Switch – Time for a Shodown!

It is the last week of February, and Jordan from SwitchWatchTV is here once again to inform us of all the Physical Releases coming to Switch this week. There are a lot of fun games coming out soon, so it is just a reminder that these are great days to be a gamer! Check out his video below, or continue downward to read here on

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this weeks update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the final week of Februrary, and we’re looking at the releases from 24th until the 28th. As always, We’re taking a look at all the retail physical releases, all the low print games up for order, some juicy imports, and our community spotlight where you show off your pick-ups.

Remember, if you want to support this little series, leave us a comment with what you playing in your backlog and what is the most recent addition to your collection. Personally, I didn’t pick anything new up, but last week I did forget to show off Hatsune Miku. Check out my review if you missed it! it’s a top tier rhythm game, and the language barrier is almost a non-issue.

Physical Releases

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital, the spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital, is the return of a well missed genre. Comedy infused management with more personality than you can shake a stick at. This Nintendo Switch console port seems very competent, and be sure to check out Juan’s review of this to see what it’s all about. Although, they could have had nicer cover art guys. I mean, at least put some effort in.

Race With Ryan

I’m kind of confused, as Race With Ryan appears to be getting a release this week. I swear this came out already, or did it get delayed without anyone noticing? Not that I’d blame anyone for not noticing it, considering it looks like trash of the highest order. If you were curious, it’s a kart racing game staring an internet superstar that no-one over the age of 10 has ever heard of.

Metro Redux

Metro Redux is an excellent-looking double package of two great shooters with horror elements. This release has both 2033 and Last Light on the cartridge, and if you want to find out more info about these games and the ports, then be sure to have a look at our review from James which should release tomorrow as long as everything is going to plan.

Galak-Z Double Pack

Galak-Z: The Void and Skulls of the Shogun Double Pack are releasing this week from Maximum Games, at least officially. Although I have seen it in the wild already, as we will see in the community spotlight this week. This is two games in one and worth a look for those who are into arcade style experiences.

Rune Factory 4 Special

Rune Factory 4 Special is releasing this week, slightly earlier in North America, but Europe is also getting it this week. This is an enhanced port of a well-loved 3DS game, and Jason (That’s me!) reviewed this one for us and has all the low-down on how this holds up on the Switch. Check his review to find out more. It’s worth noting that there’s a standard edition as well as a collector’s edition known as the Archival Edition, which includes some nice extra goodies for you.

Mega Man Zero and ZX Collection

Mega Man Zero and ZX Collection is arriving this week. It’s a highly anticipated collection of the Game Boy Advance and DS games, all of which are considered classics by fans. As you guys know, I’m not a major fan of Mega Man or his cousins, but I’m happy for those fans that are since it’s probably quite an unexpected collection. Sadly, because CAPCOM absolutely hates Europe, I believe this physical is only in North America and Japan. Europeans will have to import, sadly.

Samurai Shodown

physical releases

Samurai Shodown is the highly anticipated western release of this classic series reboot. It’s been available in Japan and Hong Kong for quite a while already. In fact, I already reviewed that release which I recommend you check out. It’s a solid game that runs nicely on the Nintendo Switch. More content would be nice, but as far as fighting games go, I really quite enjoyed it.

Some Uncertainties

And finally, a bit of an uncertainty. A game I’ve mentioned a few times already, and I’m swearing to never mention it’s release date again. Football Tactics and Glory, also known as Soccer Tactics and Glory. It’s a turn based strategy take on football, and I’m tired of talking about it.

Another uncertainty is that of Xeodrifter. This released thanks to Red Art Games, but is perhaps getting a wider release as Play Asia mention it releasing on the 28th, along with another release of their’s, War Tech Fighters. I reached out to Red Art Games for clarification.

Low Print Games

Strictly Limited Games

Sister’s Royale is being put up for order from Strictly Limited Games. This is supposedly a very mediocre shooter, but I’ve not played it personally to find out. If anyone has, be sure to let us know, or perhaps check out some reviews out there before giving this one a purchase. Maybe only one for those going for a full shmup physical collection.

Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games announced a double reveal of games going up for order this week. We have Myst going up for preorder on the 28th, which I think means that Myst is once again on ever single console in history. It’s been 3 years since the release of the Switch, and I almost thought they forgot their eternal obligations.

Nurse Love Obsession with is a double pack of Nurse Love Addiction and Syndrome, two visual novels already on the Switch. It’s going to be interesting to see the pricing of this one, considering they go for $40 a pop on the Switch digitally. I can’t say I know a whole lot about this one, but maybe check it out if you’re into visual novels. February 25th is the date the pre-orders begin.

So let’s delve into the imports section, which I have to admit has my tail wagging!


But before that, just a heads up that all the games mentioned here in the imports section have affiliate links. If any take your fancy, click on these links and any purchase you make using those links will also help out the SwitchWatch team. You’re always fantastic, and we appreciate you guys very much.

If you do use our links, don’t forget to type in the coupon code “SWITCHWATCHTV” to get 5% off every physical item you purchase from Play Asia.

TouHou Sky Arena: Matsuri Climax

TouHou Sky Arena: Matsuri Climax is an arena fighting game, latest in the niche series. I know one of the previous entries did make it westwards early in the Switch’s life, so there’s potential for someone like NIS America to pick this one up in the future, even if it looks as rough as this. In this Japanese release, there are two versions; a standard one plus a collector’s edition which includes some art cards, CD soundtrack and book, plus 30 DLC bonus music tracks for the game. As far as I can tell, there’s no English. But I’m not 100% certain on that.

Touhou Sky Arena: Matsuri Climax (Standard)

Collector’s Edition

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Mega Man Zero and ZX Collection

Now, I mentioned the Mega Man Zero and ZX Collection earlier, but there is a special edition import version called the Double Hero Limited Edition. This includes a 5-inch 3D bust of Zero, some acrylic prints, and one of two potential Z-saber acrylic keychains. Good luck finding this if you do fancy an import. The link I’ve posted below seems to be sold out already, but I guess there’s still time for more stock to appear.

Mega Man Zero and ZX Collection (e-capcom limited edition)

Senri no Kifu Gendai Shougi Mystery

Senri no Kifu Gendai Shougi Mystery seems to be a weird combination of a visual novel and a board game of Shogi. It’s difficult to tell what’s really going on, but there’s no English here and it would probably break all known barriers of localization if this ever came to the west.

Senri no Kifu Gendai Shougi Mystery

Lover Kiss

Lover Kiss is a visual novel, a Bishoujo, and there is no English as far as I’m aware. Although it is rather rare to see visual novels have 3D models rather than static artwork. There’s also a Costume Deluxe pack which includes 20 DLC costumes.

Lover Kiss

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends

And a final quick mention to Bubble Bobble 4 Friends which appears to be finally getting a release in Japan with a standard edition. But also something that may be of interest to importers, there is the collector’s edition which ironically might arrive before Strictly Limited’s western version that they asked people to pay up for a long, long time ago. This one also looks to be similar to theirs with an artbook, soundtrack CD, some stickers, mini case pop (whatever that means), and 2 reprinted instruction cards, which I assume are from the arcade original. It does have English too, so nothing to worry about for importing.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Special Edition

There Are Your Physical Releases!

Right, guys. Hope you enjoyed this episode of Physical Releases. What has taken your fancy this week? Be sure to check out last week’s episode in case you missed it. Check out my review of Hatsune Miku. And also James’ bargains video telling you the best places to spend your money in the cheapest way possible.

Thank you always for visiting to read things like Physical Releases. We appreciate your support and look forward to providing more top-notch Switch news and reviews! Happy gaming, everyone.

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