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New Joy Con Design Coming?
Joy Con
A potential new Joy Con design is on the way?

Were you one of the unlucky players that had problems with the left joy con when playing with your new Switch? Apparently, Nintendo has picked up that issue with another upcoming design for the handheld console’s controller because of those past problems.

Nintendo filed documents with the Federal Communications Commission which included photos of the controller and the internals. A radio test that the device is still FCC compliant was also part of the documents.


The problem goes way back to the launch date of our beloved console: when released in March 2017, players had complained about the Joy-Con desynching while unattached to the console itself. The left controller denied any further functionalities. Very unfortunate in an intense battle situation, if you ask me!

When addressing that issue, Nintendo could not come up with anything other than the problem being a “manufacturing variation” because the wireless interference happened to a slightly small number of costumers. Software patches to solve the problem were also provided, along with tips like not standing too far from the Switch itself or, my favorite, not using it near an aquarium. No entertainment for you, fishies!


Being aware of that, Nintendo did its best to get rid of that problem and could announce in a later statement that they had fixed the Joy-Con successfully. The solution: a tiny piece of black foam. It works as a shield to the device to protect it from RF interference. It was a simple thing to do, but with that filed documents, it appears that they want a permanent solution for their newest console.

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What do you think about a new and improved Joy-Con? Let us hear your opinion down below!


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