Red Art Games presents a Premium Edition of Gekido


“A year has passed since the epic battle that decided the fate of mankind and claimed the life of the beloved Angela. Dark omens once again tell of the return of an evil presence. Ushi is the last remaining master of the ancient art of Shin-Ken, and he calls upon Tetsuo, his disciple and adopted son, to investigate some strange happenings in a faraway farming village outside the city.”

16 years have passed since the first release of an epic game like Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge on Gameboy Advance. Today, with Naps Team, we wanted to bring back this Gekido chapter to its original players and possibly to new public to discover a timeless classic on a physical edition for PS4 and Switch. The original game code has been brought back to life but with many improvements such as, new levels, a 2 player co-op play opportunity in the original story as well as different resolution modes to play and explore both the original levels and the new ones. Added new soundtracks, added new cutscenes, added 2 completely new game modes, tons of video/audio options and original against new assets options to customize your experience, fully configurable and fully supported controllers. Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge is mainly a tribute to Gekido series fans, with the deep wish to be the new starting spark for the series to get back fully renewed.

Premium Edition – more value for the same price:
• GameBoy Advanced packaging
• Game
• Artbook
• Exclusive stickers

Gekido Switch Pack