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Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide for Switch Accessories

So you’ve purchased a Nintendo Switch. Congratulations! Your child will love this gift. There are many, many games for the console to keep them entertained for days and days. But is there anything else you need to buy besides some games? Yes. Yes there is. All that last minute holiday shopping.

Welcome to, and here is a Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide for Switch Accessories. Hope it is helpful for some of you!


The first thing you’re going to need to buy is a screen protector. Even normal handling can scratch your Switch, especially if you use the touch screen.

My household uses these amFilm brand screen protectors:

UK amFilm Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

US Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film for Nintendo Switch

Those are for the original Nintendo Switch.

Here are a couple screen protectors from the same brand but for the new Switch Lite:

UK amFilm Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Protector

US amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite

It appears that the US links will arrive before the holidays, while the UK links will arrive after. These are simply recommended products. But if you are in a bind, you may choose another option that will arrive before the holidays. Just be sure to look at ratings and user reviews before purchasing. 


Regular usage of the Switch will cause scratching, especially on the back. Be sure to buy something like this:

UK Dockable Case for Nintendo Switch with Screen Protector

US Dockable Cover Case for Nintendo Switch

You may be wondering why it says “dockable.” This is an important distinction. When you play the game docked, that means you’re playing it on the TV. You put it inside the dock. You don’t want to have to take your protective case off every time you play on the TV, so that’s why this is important. This product also comes with a screen protector, so you won’t need to buy one separately.

Again, the US products will arrive before the holidays, and the UK products will arrive after. 

Here’s one for the Switch Lite that comes highly recommended:

JETech Protective Case for Nintendo Switch Lite


What you may not know is that the joy con controllers need to be charged if not attached to the console while it charges. You can buy a joy con charger that will charge your controllers as you play:

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

This is only for the original Switch console, as the Lite does not have Joy-Cons. 


The Switch Pro Controller is more ergonomic and comfortable, and this controller will last longer battery-wise than the joy cons that come with the original Switch. 

See Also

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Please note that I could not find the Pro Controller on Amazon UK, but I was able to find some good alternatives. Just remember to look at the reputation of the product while browsing.

The Pro Controller can be use for both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. 


Obviously you need something to carry your Switch and games in. My family uses the ButterFox brand, and I highly recommend it.

US ButterFox Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Here they are for the Switch Lite:

US ButterFox Compact Switch Case for Nintendo Switch Life

Have a Happy Holidays!

Hopefully this last minute holiday shopping guide helps you get your Nintendo Switch ready to play for your child as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for delivery dates and ratings, should you choose to look at other products. 

There are many other accessories out there, but we wanted to focus on the necessities.

I’d also recommend setting up the Switch before the holidays and present opening time. This is both to make sure that the console works properly, as well as to save time on the day it is opened. You don’t want your child to be disappointed by a broken console or having to wait an hour to update things before playing.

You can also download some games to the Switch from the eShop before giving it to your child. This would be a lovely surprise on top of the physical games you give to them.

We hope your child enjoys their Switch to the fullest, and Happy Holidays!

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