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Goetia Will Be Released On Switch Next Week

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You like horror and point and click games? I guess you will love April, 26th then! In less than a week, Goetia will be released on Nintendo Switch! The game was developed by Sushee Games and is being published by Forever Entertainment.The main protagonist is a young girl named Abigail Blackwood. The only problem here is… Abigail died 41 years ago.


First released on PC in April 2006 Goetia was well received by players and critics alike and is now heading to the Switch. Seeing as our heroine is dead, it is up to the player to discover why someone had summoned her out of her grave. The downfall of the Blackwood manor is for you to unveil!

In Goetia, you can do a lot as such as following key features:


  • A 2D world of Victorian mystery.
  • Over 90 rooms to explore.
  • Five vast and diverse areas to discover – Blackwood Manor is surrounded by ruins, woods, caves and an abandoned village.
  • A progressive-rock and ambient-inspired soundtrack.
  • Use your ability to walk through walls in order to reach secret rooms and areas.
  • Possess objects like a poltergeist to lift them, use them, combine them, make them float in the air, pile them up… well, you’re a ghost after all, behave like one!
  • Solve puzzles in more than one way by discovering hidden rooms and special features, such as new ghostly powers.
  • Delve into Blackwood’s story: 40 years have passed, and many things have changed since Abigail’s death.
  • Feel free to explore! You can travel through the world of Goetia however you like – and if you get stuck, simply backtrack and explore another area.

With the success of the horror genre, this surely will make some heads turn. How about you, did you play the release on PC? Let us know if you are up to it in the comments below and watch the Switch launch trailer for Goetia:

Source:, Steam

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