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An Overview of Arms Final New Character: Dr. Coyle “the rad scientist”
Dr. Coyle attacking
Dr. Coyle is the last new character in ARMS.

Nintendo released the final new character for Arms two days ago in version 5.0.  Dr. Coyle is a scientist with a wicked smile and comes with some interesting abilities.  Dr. Coyle is capable of gliding indefinitely by pressing the jump button and keeping it pressed.  When Dr. Coyle is attacking and knocked down to the ground, she phases out of view for a couple seconds.  One top of that, if you guard and hold it, she will temporarily become invisible, too.  Her shadow is still present though, so if you are facing her, just aim for that.  Finally, her last ability is if you charge her arms up fully, a third arm will sprout replicating one of your two equipped arms at random.  This is incredibly useful especially when combined with one of her weapons which shoots out a ball of energy since it gives you a second shot.  However, to balance her out, her basic movements are extremely slow, so you will mostly maneuver by dodging and will need to take advantage of her invisibility.

This update brings the total number of characters in Arms to a respectable 15.  14 of them are completely unique with their own features, animations and abilities.  Springtron is the only clone character, but he still retains his own unique feel.  There are now 15 stages as well which all have different sizes, elevations and features.   According to Nintendo, there will no longer be any new updates to ARMS featuring new content but there will be more balance patches coming in the future.  While it is a shame that we can’t look forward to new characters, the 15 that are pleasant give the game a great variety and plenty of options for players to choose from.  Hopefully, it means that Nintendo has gotten to work on another game for the ARMS franchise, because it is certainly a great new IP with a lot of potential to grow into a staple franchise for Nintendo.


We recently listed ARMS as our fifth game in our top 5 games for Nintendo Switch in 2017.  You can check out our complete list here.


Dr. Coyle's Triple Punch
Dr. Coyle’s third arm is a an extremely useful ability.


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Dr. Coyle's Grab
Gotta love her powerful grab animation.



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